TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY - Maximum protection at maximum speed
Full control of data flow is essential for a mail gateway
TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY - Maximum protection at maximum speed

Maximum protection at maximum speed for companies of any size - made in Germany. german flag

The integrated central dashboard provides you with live data of all the network activities of your TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY installations. This then allows you to respond immediately to anomalies and guarantee maximum security at maximum speed for your company.
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Dashboard for full control
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System statistics
TUX Icon Administration white x200
Administrative hierarchies
TUX Icon Domain white x200
Domain management
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Extensive mail rules
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Compatible with any mail system
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Secure protection from malware
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Comprehensive reporting


E-mail is risk factor # 1. Every day, companies receive millions of e-mails which only aim to gain unauthorized access to networks and systems and thus access to sensitive data. Cybercriminals use social engineering to entice business users to unknowingly assist in the implementation of the attacks.
To prevent spam and malware from penetrating your company, e-mails are analyzed and filtered before they reach your corporate network. In addition, it is crucial to train your employees and use all technological opportunities and solutions to protect your business.
With TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY you and your staff have unmatchable cutting-edge technology at your command to protect your valuable data.

			Made in Germany
100% Made in Germany
Neuste Mail-Proxy-
			Technologie (MTA)
Latest mail proxy technology (MTA)
			mit Live-Daten
Dashboard with live data
Für Unternehmen
			jeder Größe
For companies of any size
Maximaler Schutz vor
			Spam & Schadsoftware
Maximum protection against spam & malware
Maximum speed
Unmatchable cutting-edge technology
Dashboard for full control

Just like a cockpit, your dashboard from TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY gives you complete control of all network activities.

Dashboard für volle Kontrolle

Your dashboard gives you a live view of all network activities, just like in a cockpit, and allows you to navigate, act and react in a targeted manner. In your dashboard you can control system utilisation, assign administrative rights, manage your domains and control extensive e-mail rules. TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY works with any e-mail system, offers reliable protection and provides you with comprehensive reporting - for full network control.

Allocate and secure administrative rights

Administrative hierarchies

Assign administrative rights for different administration levels giving each user access to information relevant to them on - the utilization of the mail systems - priority setting for incoming and outgoing emails - configuration and management of e-mails - overview for examining network activities - locations and administrator levels.

TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY is compatible with any mail system.

TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY works with any mail system - including in the cloud

TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY works reliably with any mail system such as the cloud-based Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 as well as Exchange, Kerio, Tobit, Kopano, Lotus Notes, and many more.

TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAYoffers comprehensive e-mail rules for all-round protection

TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY offers comprehensive e-mail rules for all-round protection

With a variety of functions such as HA Proxy and Smart Host support, individual whitelists and blacklists, greylisting, sender authentications, EHLO checks, watermarking and attachment filtering, TUXGUARD MAIL GATEWAY offers effective all-round protection for your e-mail communication. 2 MTA (workers) with MX Round Robin with the same priority settings for input/output. You can use both inbound and outbound MTA or you can decide which MTA to use.

E-mail data checks comprehensively and per domain (simplified representation)

E-mail data checks comprehensively and per domain (simplified representation)


Compatible with any mail system - including in the Cloud

The on-top anti-spam service offers you a useful technical advancement of your existing TUXGUARD anti-spam solution that reduces the amount of spam within 24 hours to less than 1% with <0.01% false positives.
This combination will protect your mail server and your employees' mailboxes against DDoS attacks and phishing e-mails, thus providing top-class cyber security. This perfect spam protection against fraudulent e-mails is suitable for companies of any size, ISPs, hosting providers and many more. Further information on the extension and separate licensing is available on request.

Outstandingly high detection rate
Outstandingly high detection rate
Real-time spam filter
Real-time spam filter
Protection against IP threats
Protection against IP threats
Unique URL blacklists
Unique URL blacklists
TOR. Anonymous blacklist query
TOR. Anonymous blacklist query
Report & Statistiken
Report & statistics

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