Software Development Kits

A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of documentation, examples (code), FAQs, libraries and executable files. It makes it possible for a developer to integrate and use the database in another program.

The SDK is written in C++ and divided into "namespaces" and "classes".

The SDK is compiled:

under Windows: via Visual Studio 2013 x64 bits

under Linux: via gcc v5.4, glibc v2.23 x64 bits

Categorized content database

Each entry in the database can include up to three out of over 100 categories.

In this context, the following security categories are the focus:


Websites, URLs, IPs with content such as viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, ransomware, etc.


A mixture of IP addresses and domains containing DDOS, spam, brute-force attacks, and Command & Control Centers for malware.


Custom-designed web pages that try to access the personal data of internet users in order to collect their identities and financial information.

Identity protection system

The TUX "Identity Protection System" (IdPS) solution is a complex computer network that constantly monitors the darknet. It searches the darknet for available customer data such as credit/debit cards, social security numbers, passport data and ID numbers, email addresses, location addresses, and phone numbers. In doing so, the API creates a hash of the data and transmits it to the IdPS. No personal information such as names, credit cards, addresses or social security numbers, which could be read or used by unauthorized persons, will leave the customer's systems. The IdPS can be run on the customer’s or on TUXGUARD’s infrastructure.

Who needs an identity protection system?

Statutory health insurance funds

Protection of patient data


Protection of staff’s personal data


Reducing costs caused by card fraud

Banks/financial institutions

Protecting payment- and/or service-related data from counterfeiting or loss