Pioneering Mail Technology

Protection against unknown threats

Whether as a broad-based or targeted phishing attack: e-mails are more than ever a means of cyberattacks. With our new mail proxy (MTA) TUX-Mail, we support you in optimally securing your mail traffic. Your e-mails are analyzed and filtered beforehand so that threats don't even get into your company network. You can get an overview of your live data at any time on a central dashboard and thus identify suspicious activities at an early stage.


Protect your mail communication with these features:

Zoomable traffic graphs

Find out more about traffic and the connection process in zoomable graphs.

Central Management

Central management enables you to make both global mail server
and domain-related settings.

Log Viewer

You get an overview of all filtered e-mails.
Switch to the detailed view to get more log information.


Make data available across software through various export options
(CSV, PDF, Excel, Print).