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Endpoint protection for small businesses

We believe that small businesses need the same protection as medium-sized and large companies because:

1. Small businesses need easy-to-use products and solutions that are adapted to their IT security needs and budgets. This is because they are more and more frequently affected by cyber attacks.

2. However, companies and start-ups with 5 to 20 employees rarely have an IT manager/administrator, which is why they often have no focus on IT security.


Our endpoint protection solutions:

"Secure-Set 5" up to 5 employees

"Secure-Set 20" from 6 up to 20 employees


Simple. Secure.

Using TUXGUARD solutions, you can easily integrate comprehensive Made in Germany IT security in the course of a few minutes. Manage all security components on a central management console (TGMC) and you have the current status of your security always in view.


No matter whether you have up to 5 or up to 20 employees - our Secure Set provides your company with optimum protection to meet your individual requirements.


If your company and, as a result, your security requirements are growing, you can extend your TUXGUARD firewall as required and integrate it via the existing management console.

Thus, we guarantee planning and investment security at all times

Just ask your IT system house for our IT security solutions!

Your cyber security carefree package


Use your TUXGUARD Management Center (TGMC) for managing your TUX firewall and TUX endpoint protection.

We can provide you with an appropriate security bundle:


"Start Secure" bundle up to 5 employees

"Stay Secure" bundle from 6 to 20 employees

"Start Secure 5"-Bundle

Firewall TG-0060 & Endpoint protection
up to 5 endpoints incl. software license for one year.

657,00 €

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

"Stay Secure 10"-Bundle

Firewall TG-0060 & Endpoint protection
up to 10 endpoints incl. software license for one year.

780,50 €

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

"Stay Secure 20"-Bundle

Firewall TG-0060 & Endpoint protection
up to 20 endpoints incl. software license for one year.

1015,00 €

All prices are exclusive of VAT.


Simple project start thanks to uncomplicated installation

No backdoors
All data remains in Germany

5/10 user upgrade
Packages for endpoint security

possible for all Windows operating systems
from Windows 7 upwards

For start-ups, SMEs and other companies
with multiple offices

The base product includes:

  • Real-time protection
  • Manual and scheduled scanning
  • Traybar program
  • Update program and updates of product and detection files
  • Interface for remote maintenance

Optionally available:

  • Integration of cloud guards
  • Integration of false positive prevention


All external services are configurable and can be changed and/or disabled.

Licensing model for each product

  • Each product has a connection to the TUXGUARD server in order to:
    • convey simple usage information,
    • check the license,
    • download updates.
  • The licensing model is per device. This means that each relevant device on which the product is used counts.
  • Each module can be licensed separately.