Cyber Security in Perfektion


With modular IT security solutions made in Germany, we have been offering effective protection for corporate networks, work processes and communication for 17 years. Our backdoor-free solutions not only protect against viruses, worms and spyware, they also meet the highest audit and compliance requirements as well as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
All sensitive corporate data as well as your daily exchange of information is thus protected at all times.

... a new partnership!



Quality made in Germany

By integrating TUXGUARD in your business model, you will benefit from reliable and trustworthy IT security solutions made in Germany, which ensure total customer satisfaction.

Cooperation as equals

Success can only be achieved together. For reliable cooperation TUXGARD therefore relies on a close and transparent partnership. The team provides active support in the areas of technology, support, sales and marketing.

Central IT security management

The TUXGUARD Management Center (TMGC) allows you to centrally manage and summarize all relevant information on your TUXGUARD security components at a glance. You receive a real-time overview of TUX firewalls, virtual appliances, and TUX endpoint protection including all the software modules such as network security, VPN access, web security (standard and advanced), mail proxy and mail groupware.

Innovative technologies

TUXGUARD have their finger on the pulse of time. By keeping current market trends and requirements in mind, the IT security expert is always one step ahead of the competition. Customers thus benefit from the latest technologies and marketing innovations.

Sustained success

TUXGUARD’s product portfolio offers the right solution for every application scenario, creating ideal conditions for long-term customer loyalty and increasing your company’s profits.

Gold-Partner step3IT

"We have always responded precisely to the wishes of our customers and have designed individualized IT architectures beyond the usual standard. The modular structure of TUXGUARD's security solutions fits perfectly into our portfolio".

Nicky Ohm, CEO of step3IT GmbH

Silver-Partner Hirschmann Systemhaus

"Thanks to the regular training courses offered by our partner, our two certified TUXGUARD technicians are always up to date. With this expertise we provide our customers with a stable IT infrastructure in the context of on-site operations, repair of IT systems and the assumption of the IT administration."

Uwe Hirschmann, CEO of Hirschmann Systemhaus

Gold-Partner Hengst GmbH

"We are pleased to have reached Gold Partner status. With the solutions from TUXGUARD we offer our customers exactly what they need for their individual requirements. We now have three certified TUXGUARD technicians available for comprehensive support."

Rudolf Hengst, CEO of Hengst GmbH